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Our Mission

The mission of the Johnson City Development Authority is to promote and assist the development and redevelopment of Johnson City by seeking input from throughout the community; identifying actions to meet those needs and participating where necessary to implement actions. 


Business Support

When starting a business in Johnson City, Tennessee, there are plenty of people and organizations who are willing to help. Start here with valuable assistance whether you are a local business owner, someone just starting to figure out your business dream, or an experienced business that is ready to call Johnson City home.

Apply for Redevelopment Assistance through Our Grant Programs!

The Johnson City Development Authority oversees funding distribution for a variety of projects, all of which are dedicated to the economic support of Downtown, the Historic District, and the Redevelopment District of Johnson City, Tennessee.

Check out the History of (Re)Development in Johnson City!

Founded in 1856 by Henry Johnson as a railroad station named “Johnson’s Depot,” the city quickly became the main corridor for visitors and the major railway hub for commerce and culture coming into the region.  Over the years, Johnson City has consistently been one of the fastest growing cities in the region, while also retaining the spirit and hospitality the mountains inspire. 

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